Share a shaka and let a mate know your thinking of him.

Our Story

Shaka Our Story

As you head into your 40’s, your life is very different to what you imagined. From trying to keep a family together, and all the expectations that come with it and many pressures from all angles from the real world.

The mates around you change through the various chapters of life from high school, to your various workplaces over the years, your sports club, moving suburbs. Each chapter has associated mateship.

They may not be in your life day to day or may not have had the annual catch up, but these mates from all the chapters of your life including the current one, are still your mates. Going through old text messages of welfare checks from my “old mates,” I noticed the words, “good man,” “hey man” how are ya man? with the simple answers “good man” and laying next to this was a shaka on most occasions.

“Suffering with the mental health rollercoaster since my early 20’s has been tough - I’m not going to lie. It was a lonely path back in the 90’s when Mental Health was a sign of weakness. Breaking down the stigma is an ongoing feat with our generation, but we are doing a lot better at it by continuing to increase awareness in different campaigns to resonate with different generations.”

The shaka definitely resonates with the youth of today and the older generations that still think they are in their youth :) “YEP me!”

If we can continue to raise awareness so everyone knows they are not alone and put the pep back in peoples step even more so during these uncertain times.

Reach out people and check in on your mates

The Shaka

It's a love-you mate gesture, a sign of solidarity & friendly intent.

Grow Awareness with younger generation because the shaka is relatable.

New friends come along through school, sport or change of neighbourhood. But you never lose your mateships from years gone by.

You may not see each other but you can check in on each other.

It’s a way of connecting with the generations through a SHAKA!